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Language Translation Service

Translation center “Dialogue” has a vast database of experienced multilingual native translators able to translate from a wide variety of languages.

A translation from one of these professionals means a translation that reads perfectly to a native speaker of the target language.

When it comes to larger translation projects, we use a team of translators for cross referencing. Where this is the case, the lead, or main, translator will produce a 'translation glossary', which is then used by the other translators to ensure the translation vocabulary is consistent and accurate throughout.

With our qualified translators we can confidently handle translations to and from any language, and we don't just mean the more popular languages such as Kazakh, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese, etc. but also a vast array of rarer languages as well. Request an instant quote and we'll show you how easy it is to get started or contact us to find out more about our translation project management systems.

Interpretation Services

Translation center “Dialogue” provides interpreting services English, German, Chinese and Turkish languages. Interpreting services have two forms of interpretation; consecutive and simultaneous. The latter would have concurrent translations while the speaker speaks, whereas the former would be “whispered interpretation”.

Our professional interpreting service rates are cost effective and we cover the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Business Interpreting Communication

Interpreting services are a must for all international businesses. They enable companies to reach out further and conduct more business. However, before you hire any agency, it is important to make sure they are able to offer you a professional interpreter.

Global Interpretation Services

Businesses are expanding far and wide, and interpreting services are therefore a must for any international venture. They make effective communication easier and should be treated as a necessity. International businesses often need to hold seminars and conferences on foreign shores or on their own soil for their foreign clients at some point. To give the right impression, even on a personal level, you must woo your clients by having the right interpreting services available.

Escorted interpreting services

This is the form of interpretation which is generally used by business travellers and diplomats, where an interpreter accompanies the clients on all their trips. It is to be noted that today “phone interpretation” is also considered to be escorted interpretation services.

Interpretation cannot be meditated upon, especially if it is concurrent. There is no chance to revise what one says and interprets; hence it is important to choose experienced and high quality interpreters who know their jobs well, have excellent linguistic skills, a high level of concentration when working, and are culturally aware and sensitive to other customs. This helps your business understand the needs of the client and ensures your deals are well cared for.

When you hire experts from our interpreting services, they will have the advantage of extensive experience so you don’t have to spend time training them to suit your needs.  Translation center “Dialogue” has professional interpreters who can help you with your requirements in any language.

We offer the following interpretation services:

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Business Interpreting
  • Court and Legal Interpreting

Please contact us today for a free no obligation interpretation quote

Proofreading Service

Our trusted and experienced proof-readers prepare documents using the "track changes" function within Microsoft Word. Using this function means that you can move easily between changes, and accept any or all modifications proposed by the proof-reader. Corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the margins, and are easily merged into your document.

This service is available to you as an ad hoc service, or as an optional extra with any translation project and is always worth thinking about!

10 reasons to work with us:

  • Team of professionals:  professional skills and experience of out translators allow to effectively solve all issues, connected with translation of the documents.
  • We work with various European, Eastern and Asian languages: you can order the translation to/from English, German, French,  Kazakh, Ukrainian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Polish, Chinese, Arabian, Korean, Japanese, and many other languages.
  • Individual approach to every Client: we do our best for you to enjoy working with us! Our task – is to become your reliable trustworthy partner.
  • Confidentiality and guarantee of non-disclosure: strict legal non-disclosure agreement is signed by each our employee.
  • Our interpreters follow the corporate ethics and dress-code, which definitely keeps your company image of a decent level.
  • Operation efficiency: we receive the translation orders 24 hours 7 days a week, we don’t have holidays, vacations and force-majeure, our key to success – is timely and professional performance. If you need a very urgent translation, you can always rely on us. 
  • Execution of large projects in very short terms: our staff quantity allows us to execute large projects (up to 1000 pages) per week (English and Kazakhs languages) with no loss in quality.
  • We are oriented to work with corporate clients, and provide all accounting documents both for cash and bank payments.
  • Flexible discount system for our regular clients: we have an attractive discount system for regular clients and major customers.  
  • In the market since 2013: Translation center “Dialogue” has been providing the services since 2013. For this period we have formed a team of highly skilled professionals, which keep improving their skills in translation and interpretation and have many times proved their professionalism in action.                                                                                                                                                                   

We are always open for the Dialogue with our clients!